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Reach Charity is proud to present a series of webinars to offer Insights into commonly asked questions. Aimed at our members and the wider public who have, or support those with upper limb differences Reach will be delivering films which can offer insight, advice, and entertainment.
Our speakers and topics cover various areas from advice surrounding Disability Living Allowance, fitness, music, driving, health professionals, careers to parent’s sharing their personal experiences.

All our speakers are happy to be asked questions before, during, if a live Q&A is scheduled, and after the webinar. Please submit your questions for the upcoming topic in the box below.

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Navdeep parent of Reach child Arjan

Hi I’d like my son aged 3 to have a chance at taking part- how can I get involved?


Why is adaptation difficult for hands?


Hi Ruth, our 2 year old is scheduled to have pollicisation on his left hand (missing complete thumb) within the next couple of months, we have always been pro surgery but as its getting closer we have doubts and are very worried about him losing function. We trust our surgeon and he is as experienced as any, in your experience of this procedure do you think overall function is improved? And patients and families are happy with the outcome? We trust his surgeon who is as experienced as any.

For reference, my son has a very strong left pointer finger, it has an extra blood vessel than usual (so I’m told although that means little to me), he has type 3/4 hypoplasia on his right thumb, he has opposition but the top 2 joints will be fused, so his right is also weaker than a standard issue thumb.

Do you have any advice for parents struggling to make the decision?

Suzanne and Meghan Willis

How did you and your family cope with the level of training and exposure at such a young age?

Meghan Willis

How have you handled your training during lockdown?

Rapinder Kaur

No question just know you are amazing

Joanne Mills

What do you recommend for children with an upper limb difference dealing with a new sibling who doesn’t have any differences? (For example, the baby has two hands instead of one)

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