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Reach Charity is proud to present a series of webinars to offer Insights into commonly asked questions. Aimed at our members and the wider public who have, or support those with upper limb differences Reach will be delivering films which can offer insight, advice, and entertainment.
Our speakers and topics cover various areas from advice surrounding Disability Living Allowance, fitness, music, driving, health professionals, careers to parent’s sharing their personal experiences.

All our speakers are happy to be asked questions before, during, if a live Q&A is scheduled, and after the webinar. Please submit your questions for the upcoming topic in the box below.

Coming this week:

Nate Macabuag & Alex Lewis – Koalaa

Nate Macabuag alongside Alex Lewis will be talking with Alastair about Project Limitless and their mission is to provide every child in the UK who needs one with a prosthetic limb.

Lots of Reach children are already involved from its launch last March. Now with its a partnership spearheaded by The Douglas Bader Foundation, The Alex Lewis Trust and Koalaa (formerly Mitt) join the discussion this Saturday and how you can get involved!


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